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The 2023 Schedule

Note - Each location sets its own pricing, hours, and handles its own registration. 

BigTop Buddies programs are specifically for younger kids ages 7-8 years of age.


Schedule by locations is listed below--




Schedule by weeks in chronological order:


June 12 -June 16  single day programs as needed   —  Howard Co ('Schools Out' single day programs)    

June 12 -16  St Paul’s School  (full one week program)



June 20-23 St Paul’s School  (national holiday on June 19)

June 20-23,  HoCo Recreation and Parks 1 - Harriet Tubman Cultural Center-  BigTop Buddies   (national holiday on June 19)


June 26-30,  HoCo Recreation and Parks 2 - Harriet Tubman Cultural Center

June 26-30,  Key School (Anne Arundel Co) 


July 3,5,6,7  Bullis School  (Montgomery Co) 

July 3,5,6,7  McDonogh School     Big Top Buddies  


July 10-14  McDonogh School    

July 10-14  Key School (Anne Arundel Co) 

July 10-14  HoCo Recreation and Parks 3- Gary J. Arthur Community Center-  Big Top Buddies & Older Circus Camp Stars



July 17-21   Bullis School  (Montgomery Co) 

July 17-21   McDonogh School


July 24-28   McDonogh School     

July 24-28, HoCo Recreation and Parks 4- Dunloggin Middle School 


July 31-Aug 4, HoCo Recreation and Parks 5- Dunloggin Middle School-  BigTop Buddies

July 31-Aug 4  Our Lady of Good Counsel: (Montgomery Co.)


Aug 7-11  HoCo Recreation and Parks 6- Schooley Mill Park- BigTop Buddies

Aug 7-11  Montgomery College- Rockville


Aug 14-18  Montgomery College- Rockville

Aug 14-18  HoCo Recreation and Parks 7- Schooley Mill Park


Aug 21-25  HoCo Recreation and Parks 8- Roger Carter Community Center 



There will likely be a few JCC half day programs added in Montgomery and Baltimore Counties.



Schedule by locations



St Paul’s School:  


June 12 -16  and 

June 20-23 (short week due to national holiday on June 19)


Key School (Anne Arundel Co):  

June 26-30,  

July 10-14


Bullis School  (Montgomery Co) :

July 3,5,6,7  

July 17-21


McDonogh School;       

July 3,5,6,7   (Big Top program for younger kids)     


July 10-14,   

July 17-21,   

July 24-29


Our Lady of Good Counsel: (Montgomery Co.)

July 31-Aug 4

Montgomery College- Rockville:

Aug 7-11,   

Aug 14-18


Howard Co (Schools Out day programs) :   June 12 -June 16  as needed 

HoCo Recreation and Parks:

(various county locations to be determined)

June 20-23,  

June 26-30,  

July 10-14, 

July 24-28, 

July 31-Aug 4, 

Aug 7-11, 

Aug 14-18, 

Aug 21-25


There will likely be a few JCC half day programs added in Montgomery and Baltimore Counties.

Younger kids-- Big Top Buddies sessions are listed above and here just below:

June 20-23   HoCo - Harriet Tubman Cultural Center

July 3,5,6,7   McDonogh School
July 10-14   HoCo - Gary J Arthur Community Center 
July 31-Aug 3   HoCo -  Dunloggin Middle School

Aug. 7-11   HoCo - Schooley Mill Park 

Big Top Buddies programs are for kids ages 6-8 year old will be held separate from Circus Camp Stars. Kids older than 8 will not be enrolled in the Big Top Buddies programs.
  Camps not specifically listed as Big Top Buddies are Circus Camp Stars and are typically for kids ages 9-14

We have been approved for live in person sessions! 

Links to each location's info and registration pages:

Balancing Act
Balancing Act
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Playing w/ Fire
Playing w/ Fire
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The Pyramid
The Pyramid
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Class Act
Class Act
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The Finale
The Finale
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Circus Camp Family
Circus Camp Family
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