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How do I pay for camp?

Each location handles their registrations.  Each has information on their own summer camp website. Those sites are accessible from our Schedule and Locations page.

What should my child wear for class?


Sturdy shoes (no sandals, or Crocs) and comfortable clothing.


Are you insured?




What is pie in the face day?


Pie in the Face day is a highlight for the kids. Each kid learns how to safely and appropriately perform the famous Pie in the Face gag with real clown pie. Photos of each kid 'getting' a pie, and 'giving' a pie are usually available upon request!

Are your coaches qualified?

All of our coaches are personal friends of Michael. He knows them, their families, and their skills. They are all circus performs, and or parents themselves with passions for circus.

Will there be a show featuring the kids?


Each Friday, the kids do a performance to show off their new skills.  The show is fun and is also a tool that we use to continue the learning.


Can parents come to the show?


We encourage parents. siblings, grandparents, and family friends to come to the final performance on Friday.


Are the younger kids mixed in with the older kids?  

We both separate and mix the kids as appropriate.  Some youngers have excellent focus, maturity, and coordination, or have attended circus camp in the past.  We may have them train with some of the older, but them we move them back to be with the other youngers during other times of the day.  Our goal is have all of the kids have the most fun possible, and to learn as much as they can.  And we mix and separate them to best meet those goals once we meet the kids.

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